Born in 1978 // Passion: Design

I have felt a great affinity with design and taken a decided interest in people since my early youth. I soon attracted the attention of creative companies after coming up with a very successful corporate design for my elementary school and selling visiting cards I had designed myself to my school friends. My career began to take shape at the tender age of 17 when I started working as a project manager in trade fair and exhibition design.

In my early 20s, I accepted a job offer for the position of Head of Design with a design agency in Pforzheim. For seven years I was in charge of developing product design concepts for luxury goods and lifestyle accessories for the major automotive brands in Southern Germany.

I then became a creative director in the design furniture sector with responsibility for two brands.

In 2009, I established my own design company which I named

My objective is to assist companies with issues relating to brand and design strategy – both in terms of designs and by acting in an advisory capacity.

For me there is no question of leaving anything up to chance when it comes to design. I consider analyzing a situation, coming up with a solution and implementing it to be inextricably linked. An idea is only good if it can be realized in concrete terms and if it has a purpose that makes sense.