Having the smallest building blocks of life, DNA, as their field of expertise, the American company Turn Biotechnologies Inc. deals with aging processes of cells and their reversion through reprogramming. Their mission is to make people healthier despite aging.

Nine main genetic “markers” of aging have been discovered (as of March 2020) – eight of which have already been reversed by experts. Five different types of human tissue can already be regenerated by the company’s technology. Further projects are currently being researched and developed.


Develop a complete brand identity.



The logo visually explains the theme “Reversion” – return to the previous state – through interwoven circles, with an arrow pointing to the past. In addition, the horizontal eight is integrated as a sign of infinity. The changing shades of blue emphasize scientific objectivity and revitalization of aged cells. The website structures information and mission statements clearly and in an easily understandable way. Icons explain the different genetic processes deals with.

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