How can you successfully market a product that most people hope to avoid their entire life? Hearing aids are high-tech miracles in miniature format and significantly improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. At the same time, the percentage of people who are willing to consider such products is very low.

Sonova | Audiological Care, with a structure of various brands and more than 3,300 branches of hearing experts worldwide, offers solutions to help those affected by hearing-reduction regain their full share of social life through improved hearing.


Convey the brand values to the target audience in an empathetic way.



Empathy means being able to understand how someone else feels. In business terms: to use expertise and create products with the aim of making the customer feel better. These values were visually formulated after a comprehensive analysis and development of the brand DNA. All graphic building blocks, from colors, fonts, to the effect of individual pages of a brochure, to posters, packaging, etc., became a life-affirming cosmos in which the target group should always feel comfortable and in good hands. To ensure this effect is consistently achieved in all branches and at all points of consumer contact with the brand, a comprehensive Style Guide was developed that designers work with globally.


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