Electric mobility can feel like flying above the asphalt – destination: future. In addition to this it also has advantages for the blue planet we all share, which is why this brand is called SHARED.BLUE. Harmful automotive emissions are eliminated, which is rewarded by the government: a premium for the so-called “GHG quota”. SHARED.BLUE bundles these certificates and clients can either receive their premiums annually or invest in environmental projects.


SHARED.BLUE should feel “electrifying” like a trading tool while being perceived as an integral part of the automotive world.


SHARED.BLUE bundles numerous GHG quota certificates, thus achieving success by synergy. Even electric particles only result in a strong impulse when they interact as a mass. This is visualized in the logo.

On the website, clear fonts and a “glow” in the context of dark, blurry backgrounds create a “statically charged” ion effect, and remind us of the feeling of operating a navigation system in the car in the evening before driving off. Inspiration for this also comes from the visuals of trading tools, as one gains financial benefits by trading the GHG quota. The two color gradients are reminiscent of electric particles and heated metal.

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