Approaching an acoustician is difficult for those affected by hearing loss, because although they are aware of their situation, they feel hesitant to deal with it publicly. For this reason, research is usually done anonymously from home, via internet. But where can you get reliable, neutral information?

PhonoMigo is an online magazine that sensitively informs people about numerous aspects on the subject of hearing.


Create a sympathetic, friendly atmosphere.



The word mark is composed of “Phono” for sound, and “Amigo” (Spanish: friend) to create a sympathetic, friendly atmosphere. This online magazine is a neutral guide that encourages people to take hearing-checkups, get to grips with their situation and make connections with others. It also helps to make well-informed decisions when buying hearing aids or related accessories. In terms of design, PhonoMigo is kept in an editorial style to meet the target group on familiar ground. Clarity and simplicity are combined with positive emotional elements.

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