Dülk & Kosub is a specialist company that has been established and trusted for decades in the areas of sewage systems, drainage and separation technology. The rebranding and its application on the new website appeals to existing customers as well as a new markt target group: young families moving into their first home.

A craftsman’s fundamental basis for business is: trust. The rebranding for Dülk & Kosub adapts the well-known brand to the current zeitgeist without losing the character that customers have been familiar with for decades. Cleanliness and efficiency play a key role, especially in a field that people tend not to want to deal with very often.


A rebranding that carefully transports trusted traditional elements into current times and leads into the future.



The old logo depicted chambers of a purification system and a drop of water. In the rebranding, the existing color scheme was respectfully quoted and refreshed. One water drop now forms the main part of the logo to show the added value the customer gets when commissioning Dülk & Kosub: clean water. A faintly indicated chamber forms a “D” together with the drop. The wordmark underneath highlights the core competence, and visually communicates cleanliness and efficiency in its typography.

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