„Unveil the concealed” – Sound waves surround us, but due to a hearing loss they can no longer be properly picked up and understood. Modern hearing aids can make them audible again. In an Aurora Borealis, particles from the sun that are invisible to us hit the earth’s atmosphere, creating a visual phenomenon. Hence a fitting metaphor for the Audea brand. The brand carries this depth while communicating lightness and the freshness of modern life at the same time.


Represent a modern company with a scientific approach that gives the “ease of hearing” back to people.


Audea is a brand that does not see itself merely as an acoustic problem solver, but as a pioneer of communication through hearing and understanding – with a firm eye on the future. The color palette ranging from purple and turquoise to navy visually energize each other. Within the white space environment, they induce deep confidence in medical and scientific information, which is at the heart of the consultation at Audea. Rational yet sympathetic typography communicates stability and conveys information in a way that always keeps people at the center. The illustrations show anatomical elements of the ear and inspire fascination for the hearing process.

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