For the client Dülk & Kosub, traditional, familiar brand essentials were extracted and refreshed.

Size and stability are symbolized by the design of the eCommerce brand LIBAKO. Here is an application within a photographic jungle theme.

Every brand and company naturally has its own character, which must be preserved. Changes in brand design therefore aim to make it more understandable.

Your advantage:

Ensure the success of the brand today and equip it for tomorrow. By cleaning up design elements, it can “breathe freely” again.

Redesign without loss of identity

The origin of the term “identity” comes from Latin word “Identitas”, or “Idem”, meaning “the same”. Since an identity is much more than color tones and a functioning logo, when refreshing a brand in the process of redesigning, it is of utmost importance to be able to say it is “the same” afterwards.

When very large changes are necessary and appropriate, the goal is to repair a look and feel that may have been incorrectly formulated in advance. The public will then need to have what happened to the brand “explained” differently, but will better understand what it stands for.

Treasured or cherished details can usually be preserved during a brand refresh. Its power is not lost when analytical steps are taken in the process. This includes examining the relevant components and brand DNA, as well as emphatic prognoses about current and future relevance perceptions of the target groups.

Modernity is a desired outcome, but it cannot achieve much on its own and without meaningful context and rationale. The ultimate goal is always to articulate the brand more clearly.

Regular adjustments

Regular brand adjustments can be compared to the tailored diet of an athlete. The habits of target groups can take rapid turns at times, which might potentially “tire out” brands. Sustainable, constant energy sources are therefore necessary. Regular adjustments also have the advantage of subtlety. The brand is not “gone” and then “back.” Under the eyes of the public, it grows alongside – barely discernible – but is always perceived as relevant.

Brand Redesign

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