OncoSenX is aglow with radiant fresh green to turquoise colors to inspire hope. Enabling the brand to unfold on several variations of background requires precise receptive planning.

In most cases, a brand must stand firm in a real-life environment in addition to digital applications. Hear is a facade with the LIBAKO logo.

Brands communicate through diverse parameters that can be adjusted to create a personality. They can be e.g. ‘sporty’, ‘trustworthy’ or ‘young and life-affirming’. Viewers intuitively perceive that personality. Thus, brand development is not just about a logo. A logo may be the face of a brand. But a brand personality is about much more. That’s why it’s all about the details.

Your advantage:

Brand development, as opposed to simply applying an existing design, can fully address what you want to communicate to the market in a tailored way.

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The brand DNA is defined

Even in complex creatures, genetic information consists of only four chemical building blocks. Of course, among other factors, they must be combined in the right way to make up a living thing.

The goal of a defined brand DNA is thus explained: It is the development of principles that determine the creation and effect of everything else. Which “language of shapes”, colors, fonts, etc., are the right ones to communicate a character only through design? Which elements can evoke emotions in a potential customer, even before personal contact has taken place?

Visualizing the brand

This is the actual phase in which the building blocks of the brand DNA and the visualized values result in an overall product. A brand is created. The well-chosen shapes, colors and fonts are translated into practical applications.

Contexts are defined. Visual statements are formulated. Effects are examined. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Minimal changes to the typeface, precise definition of color values in the various industrially used formats, the creation of templates for the design of any visual building blocks of communication. The result is a full set of building blocks which the brand will live by, and which will be the basis for all new components of the brand.


For the client Dülk & Kosub, traditional, familiar brand essentials were extracted and refreshed.

Here, as an example, an application on a construction helmet, as for the Dülk & Kosub company’s operations, the brand must survive in such robust environments.

Brand Development

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