In the case of corporate mergers, an analysis of the genetic makeup, i.e. the DNA of the two brands, is especially relevant. The most important questions are: What is the goal? How does one want to be perceived by the market? How does one remain relevant? What are the strengths and weaknesses, potentials and possible threats? What is the most effective ratio of elements in the new visual identity? All this must carefully be weighed in such a brand design.

Your advantage:

A meaningful design that is not only perceived as “beautiful” but also understood – in all channels.

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01 | Strengthen the main brand

Here, a certain hierarchy and authority is conveyed. Basically, the main brand is visually emphasized and the secondary brand is given a subsidiary position.

02 | Combining the strengths of several brands

In this case, a redesign makes the statement “now we are one”. This variation must be done in a very balanced way so that the result is not a pale, indefinable brand. The goal is to use the merger to communicate the strengths of both brands in a new, combined one.

Communicating the company’s culture through brand design

Eine Kultur innerhalb eines Unternehmens wächst ab dessen Gründung und reift kontinuierlich. Markendesign kommuniziert, wie es wäre, mit diesem Unternehmen zu arbeiten. Der Prozess der Vertrauensgewinnung startet nicht ab dem realen Kontakt, sondern dem Sichtkontakt. Genauso ist es, wenn zwei Menschen sich lange vor der Hochzeit bereits sympathisch sind, was nicht selten durch visuelle Impulse (Lächeln) geschieht.

A culture within a company grows right from the start and continuously matures. Brand design communicates what it would be like to work with that company. The process of gaining trust does not start at the first real-life contact (such as by buying a product or entering a store), but far earlier by visual contact. Just like two people seem drawn to each other long before the wedding, which often happens through visual impulses (e. g. smiles).


The companies within the global brand portfolio of the Sonova | Audiological Care have two tasks: fit to the group itself in addition to having a positive impact within the local markets.

Brand Design for mergers

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