ND-DESIGN.WORKS is an internationally operating agency with Creative Associates around the globe. Our approach is strategic. Brands and products have stories to tell and messages to convey.

Our mission is to make them understandable and accessible to the right audience. Where and how are those stories told with the biggest impact? When and to what extent? How do we create more than just a projection surface for an inanimate product? Because only an emotional connection creates deep awareness among the target group. Brands and products become identities.

Our team is made up of creative experts from various disciplines, who keep their eyes on the two core values of our mission: creating brands that are understandable and desirable to the target group.


Our work includes all design and communication building blocks of a brand or product – both analog and digital – as well as a diagnostical evaluation of existing designs.


What is actually behind a harmoniously perceived brand? Take a look at an overview of our services and work areas here.

Our services

Strategic Design
Corporate Design
Brand Development
Styleguide Development
Redesign of Brands
Brand Design for mergers
Personal Branding
Design Management
Design Expertise
Product Design

Areas of expertise

Creative Concepts
Interdisciplinary Design (Print, Web, Mobile, Product)
3D Design and Animation
Shop Concepts (Interior)
Text, Editing

Andreas Flach CEO & Head of Design

Andreas Flach
CEO & Head of Design

At age 17, he started working as a designer in trade fair and exhibition design. In his early 20s he became “Head of Design” in a design agency for the first time. In 2009 he founded his own design office under the name ND-DESIGN.WORKS.

Leaving anything to chance in design is out of the question for Andreas Flach’s team. Analysis, development and implementation form an inseparable unit. An idea is only good if it can be realized constructively and fulfills a purpose.

Ben Hupfer Creative Director

Ben Hupfer
Creative Director

Ben started working in photography and design at about 19 years of age, right away realizing projects around the globe. He is a curious, open-minded explorer, and takes an aesthetical-analytical approach to design.

For him, brands are like foreign countries with a unique and individual atmosphere. Corporate design and all strategic design elements should take the eyes on an immersive journey – even by a brief glance.

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